Your editing and polishing my book is superior to anyone I’ve ever worked with or witnessed. You are one amazing editor, wise woman, and healer.
—Georgie Anna Holbrook, Author of How to Believe in Answered Prayers

Thank you so much for your excellent editing work. I really love how you caught so many things. My book is so much better because of your loving care. I also appreciate your insightful notes and suggestions. — Ruth Ann Lonardelli, Author of Another Way Home: Moving Beyond Religion to the Interspiritual Jesus
and the Sacred Feminine

Thank you so much for your time and good energy, and your eagle eye — MICHKA, Publisher, Mama Editions, Paris, France

Thank you for all your heartfelt editing and counsel! — M. Smith, Author of Travels with the Earth Oracle, Books One and Two

Thank you so much for all your help. You have turned my idea into reality. I cannot thank you enough! — Kim Kingsbury, Author of The Bunny Trail to Enlightenment

Dr. Klapow was absolutely thrilled with the editing you did on his book. Thank you for the many years of service to my publishing companies.  — Diana M. Schneider, Ph.D., Former President of Diamedica Publishing and Demos Medical Publishing

Jessica has worked with me for nearly fifteen years on many publishing and editorial projects. Her professional approach in working with my authors and clients has always been above reproach. I highly recommend her. — Robert D. Reed, Publisher

Thank you for your brilliance and wisdom in editing our book. — Heather Cumming, Author of JOHN OF GOD: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions  

Jessica Bryan is a fantastic copy editor because she sees the energy behind the words. — Cynthia Occelli, Author of Resurrecting Venus

It has been an honor and a pleasure working with you. Your editing is masterful, and you have brilliantly captured the true essence of my book. — Bronwyn Marmo, Award-Winning Author of The Food is a Lie: The Truth is Within

Thank you for helping me focus the message of my book. We were able to sell 20,000 advance copies. — Jeffrey N. Gingold, Author of Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis

My compliments to the editor for her excellent work. — Chris H. Polman, M.D., Ph.D., Author of Multiple Sclerosis: The Guide to Treatment and Management

My work with Jessica Bryan spans more than ten years and multiple books. She is one of the most insightfully creative editors I know, and she has an impeccable commitment to excellence.” — Tom Massey, Author of Gifts of the Shovel: Lessons for Life and Business, and The ABC’s of Effective Leadership

Jessica was incredible to work with. Her knowledge and creativity are incredible, and without her help I would have been lost. Her vision made my dream of being a successful author possible. Thank you, Jessica, so much for your talent, expertise, and hard work. — Michael Marciniak, Author of Living the American Dream

All of your editorial comments were useful, and I feel that you improved my book substantially. I enjoyed working with you and hope to do so again. — Richard Bellush, Jr., Author of Slog, Scum, and Double Dose

Thank you for your professional and very thorough assistance. — Patricia Rain, Author of The Vanilla Chef

I am so grateful that you have been my editor. Thank you for helping my stories mature. — Stephen Lestat, Author of Punk Chicken

Jessica is the light at the end of the tunnel in book production. — Lloyd Wright, Author of Triumph Over Hepatitis C

You have created the perfect door for people to enter my thoughts. — Mony Singh, Author of White Lies Dark Truth

Thank you for the fantastic editing. You’re heaven-sent. — Karen Palmer, Author of Inca Oracle

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