Jessica can help you with your book or other written material at any level, from simple proofreading to complex reorganization and content editing.

Please feel free to send your completed manuscript to Jessica for review so she can determine what your book needs. Please submit your manuscript in one electronic file, and format it using double-spacing with paragraph indents, one-inch margins all around, text aligned left, 12-point font, and page numbers.

Please also do a final spell-check before sending, because this will help you identify anything you might want to add or correct yourself.

Editing manuscripts that already contain sophisticated design elements (often because of previous e-book preparation by the author or someone else) will result in extra charges, because working with elaborate formatting at the editorial level requires extra time.

I’ll do a sample edit of a few pages and we can move forward from there. A sample edit is very important, because the changes I recommend will determine style choices. Then, as you complete the book you can incorporate the styles we have decided on. Note that generally I follow the “Chicago Manual of Style.” If you see I’ve used a style you don’t like, please let me know.

If a project seems like it will be lengthy, Jessica usually asks for a 50% deposit up-front.


Basic proofreading and copy editing:   $.02 to $.03 per word

Copy editing with content editing:   $.04 per word

Extensive content editing and rewriting:  $.05 per word

Medical and Technical Editing: $35 / hour

Consulting: $40 / hour

Writing book prefaces, introductions, marketing materials, and website copy:
$40 / hour


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