“Self-Mastery: The Path of Ascension”

“ET Races and Otherworldly Beings”

“The Book of Shi-Ji” (four titles) including “The Book of Shi-Ji: ASCENSION”

“CE-5”  January 2021

“Operation Starseed: Second Edition”

“Awakening: UFOs and Other Strange Happenings”

“Connect to Your Spirit and ET Guides”

.  .  .  .

“Love is Who We Are: by Kushel Morjari

“HOPE: Messages From the Aliens” by Bonnie Meyer

“The Meaning of Life: Invitation to a Global Experiment” by Ashok Gupta

“Inside Happiness: Guided Lessons from Spirit for Your Greater Happiness” by Samantha Rigg, January 2021

“The Mystery and Beauty of Hishtavus: A Torah Guide to Inner Peace and Love of Life” by Moshe Gersht

“Wake Up! Are We Dreaming?” by Anni Johansen

“The Teachings of Sri Bhagavan, Book Two” by Juo-Lun Fu

“How to Believe in Answered Prayers” by Georgie Anna Holbrook

“Heaven on Earth: A 7-Day Challenge to Raise Your Vibration” by Deana Morgans

“My Patient Best Medical History Book System” by Suzanne Fiscella

“Emergence” by Fran Bailey

Five Children’s Books by Kim (Border) Kingsbury:

“The Bunnies Learn to Meditate”

“The Bunny Trail to Enlightenment”

“The Bunny Trail for Children”

“The Bunnies Go to Europe: More Adventures on the Bunny Trail”

“The Bunnies Get Healthy”

“Rippling Waves: Expanding Through the Heart of the Universe” by Anthony Teresi

“ALMA” by Maria McShea

“Another Way Home: Moving Beyond Religion to the Interspiritual Jesus
and the Sacred Feminine” by 
Annie Lonardelli

Three Books by Long Kang Chan:

“The Disbelief Process”

“Parent Yourself Again”

“The Emotional Gift”

“Awareness and Awakening on the Camino De Santiago: Walking Through Spain with Pilgrims from Around the World” by Jennifer Johnson

“Love Begins with Accepting Yourself: The Journey of Discovering Love, Deepening Relationships, and Being One with All That Is, The Teachings of Sr. Bhagavan, Book One” by Kuo-Lun Fu

“Dr. Huntley’s Recipe for Optimum Health: A Nutritional Approach to Overall Wellness and Detoxification of the Body” by Elizabeth Huntley, PhD

“Travels with the Earth Oracle: Book One” and “Book Two” M. Smith

“Burning Bush” by Cindy Hochart

“Let Stress Heal Your Life” by Gillian Padgett

“Suffering is Optional: Step Out Of Darkness Into The Light” by Michelle Nagel

“Connecting the Dots: Hundreds of True Stories and Several That Aren’t” by Larry S. Baker, M.Div.

“The Way Savers Guide to Ultimate Freewill” by Kommany

“Cosmo Learns to Speak Frog” by L. Oliver. A mystical, shamanic story for middle-school children.

“You Are What You Tweet” by Germany Kent


“The Organic Grow Book” by Karel Schelfhout & Mig (2017)

“The Organic Grow Book” by Karel Schelfhout & Mig (2019,  graphic book version)

“Hydroponics for Everybody” by William Texier

“Medical Cannabis: From Indian Hemp to Medical Marijuana” by Michka, et al.

“Healing with Cannabis” (English Translation) by MICHKA

“How I Became the Hash Queen” by MILA (2017)

“The Marijuana Icon Tells Her Story” by MICHKA (2019)

BEYOND WORDS PUBLICATIONS, INC.: Portland, Oregon, Atria Books / Simon & Schuster

“Cell-Level Healing: Accessing the Spiritual Bridge from Soul to Cell” by Joyce Whitely Hawkes

“Animals in Spirit” by Penelope Smith

“John of God: The Brazilian Healer Who’s Touched the Lives of Millions” by Heather Cumming and Karen Leffler

DIAMEDICA: New York, New York, Diana Schneider, PhD, President

“Ever Faithful: Your Dog Can Help You Fight Cancer” by Dawn A. Marcus, MD

“Living Well with Multiple Sclerosis: A Guidebook for the Journey” by Thomas R. Holtackers, PT

“Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: What You Need to Know” by Nancy J. Holland, Editor, et al.

“Stop Telling Me What—Tell Me How! Simple Answers to Better Health” by Joshua C. Klapow, PhD and Sheri D. Pruitt, PhD

“Dr. Rob’s Guide to Raising Fit Kids in a Fat World” by Robert S. Gotlin, DO (Dr. Rob)

“The Arthritis Book” by Grant Cooper, MD

“Cancer Clinical Trials: Your Commonsense Guide to Experimental Cancer Therapies and Clinical Trials” by Tomasz M. Beer, MD and Larry W. Axmaker, EdD

“The Women’s Fibromyalgia Toolkit” by Dawn Marcus, MD

“The Shoulder Surgery Companion: Preparation and Guidance for Surgery and Rehabilitation”

“The Resilient Child: Seven Essential Lessons for your Child’s Success and Happiness” by George S. Everly, Jr., PhD  (Foreword Award Winner, 2009.)

“The Coumadin® (Warfarin) Help Book: A Guide to Anticoagulation Therapy to Prevent and Manage Strokes, Heart Attacks, and Other Vascular Disorders” by Diana M. Schneider, PhD

“Living Agelessly: Answers to Your Most Common Questions about Aging Gracefully” by Linda Altoonian

“Living Smart: Five Essential Skills To Change Your Health Habits Forever
” by Joshua C. Klapow, PhD. and Sheri D. Pruitt, PhD

“Women and Migraines” by Dawn A. Marcus, MD and Philip A. Bain, MD

DEMOS MEDICAL PUBLISHING: New York, New York, Diana Schneider, PhD, President, Deceased

The first eight titles in this list were edited for the American Academy of Neurology Patient Handbook Series.

“Migraine and Other Headaches” by William B. Young, MD and Stephen D. Silberstein, MD (Foreword Award Finalist, 2005)

“Alzheimer’s Disease” by Paul Dash, MD and Nicole Villemarette-Pittman, PhD (Foreword Award Finalist, 2005)

“Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis” by Robert G. Miller, MD, et al.

“Stroke” by Louis R. Caplan, MD (Foreword Award Finalist, 2005)

“Guillain-Barré Syndrome” by Joel Steinberg, MD and Gareth Parry

“Restless Legs Syndrome” by Mark J. Buchfuhrer, et al.

“Peripheral Neuropathy” by Norman Latov, MD

“Spinal Cord Injury” by Michael E. Selzer, MD, PhD and Bruce H. Dobkin, MD

“Multiple Sclerosis: The Guide to Treatment and Management (Sixth Edition)” by Chris H. Polman, MD, PhD, et al.

“Lower Limb Amputation: A Guide to Living a Quality Life” by Adrian Cristian, MD

“Epilepsy and Pregnancy” by Stacey Chillemi

“The Disabled Women’s Guide to Pregnancy and Birth” by Judith Rogers

“The Healthy Body Handbook” by David C. Saidoff, PT and Stuart Apfel, MD

“Complementary and Alternative Therapies for Epilepsy” by Orrin Devinsky, MD, Steven Schachter, MD, and Steven Pacia, MD. This book involved editing and organizing chapters from 32 different authors.

“The Essential Patient Handbook: Getting the Health Care You Need” by Alan B. Ettinger, MD and Deborah M. Weisbrot, MD

“Facing the Cognitive Challenges of Multiple Sclerosis” by Jeffrey N. Gingold; 25,000 copies of this book were sold to a pharmaceutical company.


In addition to editing the five books listed below, I wrote marketing materials for Robert Reed for five years, including press releases, book descriptions for databases, and back cover copy.

“The Shovel” by Baker Fore and Tom Massey

“Gifts of the Shovel: Lessons for Life and Business” by Tom Massey and Baker Fore

“The Secret Sin of Opi” by Peter Crimini

“Wisdom is the Answer, Common Sense is the Way” by Jim Giambroni, Jr.

“Daily Intentions” by Ann Rice



“Resurrecting Venus” by Cynthia Occelli

“Boundless Dreams: A Guide to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” by Michael Marciniak

“The Food is a Lie: The Truth is Within” by Bronwyn Marmo

“Liquid Mirror: Perception Beyond the Veil of Illusion” by Kelly La Sha

“Cancer and the Ecology of Self: Memoirs of a Long-Term Survivor” by Nanni M. Ives with Jessica Bryan

“The Inca Oracle” by Karen Palmer, PhD

“If I Loved You, What Would I Tell You?” by Jean Henning

“Golf Conditioning” by Raymond F. Trottier, DC

“The Irritable Bowel Syndrome Healing Plan” (For Hunter House)

“Reflections on Health and Chiropractic: 100 Years Later” by J.P. Migliore, DC

“Finding Roses Among the Thorns: A Breast Cancer Survival Guide” by Vesta Brownell

“Hepatitis C Free: Alternative Medicine vs. the Drug Industry” by Lloyd Wright

“Using Assistive Technology to Facilitate Caregiver Recognition of Social Interaction Attempts of Infants with Disabilities” by Patricia Gussow, et al., University of Nevada, Las Vegas

“The Dynamics of Chakra Theory” by Dennis Zinner, DC

“The Vanilla Chef” by Patricia Rain

“Lost and Found in Bhutan” by Kurt Evans



“Love is Ageless: Stories About Alzheimer’s Disease, Jessica Bryan

“Psychic Surgery and Faith Healing: Revised Edition (2013 Also published in 2008 by Red Wheel/Weiser/Conari.)

“Mediumship and The Flow of Grace: Messages from Paul” (2013)

“The Wisdom of Hilarion” (2022)

“Rev. Ramon “Jun” Labo, Jr. and the Metaphysical Temple of the Universe and School of Mediumship” e-book only

“Captivated by the Light: Evolution of a Medium” (2021)

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